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Other Bishops speak on the launch of Bishop Neil C. Ellis’s new fellowship

Other Bishops speak on the launch of Bishop Neil C. Ellis’s new fellowship

“Over the past few weeks, Global United Fellowship has grown to more than 80 local and international churches and fellowships. And on last week, Bishop Ellis was unanimously elected as the Presiding Bishop Designate by its members.”

Bishop Ellis 6

A Service of Episcopal Institution and Inauguration will be held on Wednesday, November 6, 2013, in the Grand Ball Room at The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island with Archbishop J. Delano Ellis as Chief Celebrant. Con-Celebrants are Archbishop Alfred Owens and Presiding Bishop Kenneth Ulmer.

Bishop Delano EllisBishop Neil C. Ellis has not come to this place in a vacuum but after many years of faithful service, study and prayerful contemplation. He has called together a group of pastors to form yet another fellowship. The question arises, ‘Why, another fellowship? Why another movement? Why another organization?’ I’ve learned that God, throughout the history of man, always starts afresh with a tender heart and brighter understanding of his ways and wonders. The Church of Jesus Christ has evolved many times since its founder declared that he would ‘build his church’. The very word build suggests a continuum of structures and each new action adds another layer, floor and brick to the great ‘kingdom building’. And so, Bishop Ellis and the G.U.F. come from several Communions in Christ to form a latter day fellowship that resembles the ancient church but takes on its proper modernity. Until the whole world is reached and the Savior returns – there is always room for one more thought and one more move of God.” – Bishop J. Delano Ellis, Metropolitan, The Joint College of Bishops.”

Woodson, the Executive Secretary of G.U.F. stated, “The launch event is shaping up to be a major installation service that will attract more than 200 delegates from at least five different countries including: South Africa, Europe and Canada.”

Bishop Walter ThomasBishop Walter Thomas, renowned teacher, preacher and Bible scholar said regarding his friend, “Bishop Neil C. Ellis is a leader well respected in the international community. It will be a tremendous blessing to the Body of Christ as he takes leadership of G.U.F. and guides them into Kingdom responsibility.”


Notable pastors from around the country are speaking out and endorsing Global United Fellowship.

“Global United Fellowship is an end time manifestation of new wine in new wine skins. Bishop Neil Ellis brings a fresh anointing of creative leadership and spirit-filled discipleship development for such a time as this.” – Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, Presiding Bishop of Macedonia International Bible Fellowship.Bishop Ulmer

Bishop Ellis is the Pastor of Mount Tabor Church and is one of the fastest growing churches in The Bahamas with a membership of several thousand. Bishop Ellis was inducted onto the Martin Luther King’s Walk of Fame in Atlanta alongside Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Rosa Parks, Sidney Poitier, and Nelson Mandela. Bishop Ellis’ other honors include: Civil Society’s “Living Legend” in The Bahamas Award, the CMG (an award issued by Queen Elizabeth II), and many more. Ellis is married to Lady Patrice Ellis and they have two beautiful children, Renechea and Johnathan Ellis.

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