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Church treasurer accused of killing wife

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (Pictured: M1 crash)

A church treasurer accused of killing his wife by deliberately smashing his 4×4 vehicle into a tree at 84mph has described their early sex life together as ‘dramatic’.

treasurer4Ian Walters is accused of murdering his wife of two years after their relationship had collapsed because she was no longer able to satisfy his sexual demands.

Walters, who also worked as a driving test examiner, veered off the M1 on the way back from an unsuccessful ‘make or break’ trip with his wife Tracy, Leicester Crown Court has heard.

The 51-year-old’s Mitsubishi L200 Animal ploughed through undergrowth before hitting a tree – leaving Mrs Walters, 48, with serious injuries. She was flown to hospital by helicopter but died two days after the crash in March last year.

Walters, who was also badly hurt in the incident, was charged with his wife’s murder two months later – ten days after her funeral. The prosecution is claiming that conflict over sex was a main reason the couple’s marriage had fallen apart.

Charles Miskin, prosecuting, said earlier in the trial: ‘One of the principal issues was sex. He seemed to want it all the time and she couldn’t cope with his demands.’

But giving evidence yesterday, Walters described his love life with Tracy as ‘very fulfilling’, adding: ‘It was very exciting and adventurous. She taught me things I never knew. It was very refreshing and usually initiated by Tracy rather than myself.’

Walters went on to say that when they had sex it tended to be ‘long, dramatic and adventurous’ but lacked the ‘intimacy’ he craved.

He added: ‘What I needed was intimacy. What I needed was more than the touching. I wanted to fall asleep in each other’s arms.’

Quizzed over texts Tracy had sent to friends complaining that Walters had made her feel like ‘a sex object’, Walters agreed with the defence counsel that ‘his sex drive was higher than Tracy’s’. And he admitted that as their relationship had worn on their sex life had waned.

The jury also heard that the couple had a ‘troubled’ relationship, with Mrs Walters telling relatives and police that her husband had been abusive to her.

The couple, who were said to have had a ‘troubled’ relationship, had married in Cyprus in 2012 but their relationship is alleged to have become abusive soon afterwards, jurors heard

She made an application under ‘Clare’s Law’ to discover if he had a violent past. The pair, who had both been married once before, had grown-up children from their previous relationships.

They started dating in 2011, and got married a year later in Cyprus. Mr Miskin told the court that the abuse started almost straight away, with Mrs Walters showing relatives bruises she claimed her husband had inflicted.

Mrs Walters also texted a relative of one of her sons just an hour before the crash to say: ‘I need him arrested when I get back, but I am scared because he is so volatile and I don’t want to wind him up.’

The couple were returning to their home in Swindon when Walters suddenly swerved his car off the carriageway and into a tree.

The prosecution claim that Mrs Walters ‘couldn’t cope with her husband’s demands’ in bed, and that Walters purposely crashed to show his wife ‘who was in charge’. But Walters is claiming that at the time of the crash he had been taking antidepressants which sometimes made him drowsy.

He told the court that he could recall two times when he had fallen asleep at the wheel, the last of which was on a motorway in 2002.

He said he had also had three fainting episodes in the two years prior to the crash. Walters denies murder. The trial continues.

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (Pictured: M1 crash)
The Mitsubishi L200 veered onto an embankment near junction 22 of the southbound carriageway in March last year. Pictured: Emergency services at the scene of the crash

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (Pictured: M1 crash)
Giving evidence in his own defence during the fourth week of his trial yesterday, Walters, from Swindon, Wiltshire, described Mrs Walters as his ‘world’


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