Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 1:27:31 AM
Krista and Erica Campbell another Mommy-daughter team coming along!

Krista and Erica Campbell another Mommy-daughter team coming along!

One of my fondest memories of a Mommy/ Daughter singing team is Karen and Kierra Sheard! It looks like we have another underway Erica and Krista Campbell!


Before hitting puberty, a gifted child, born into a gospel music dynasty, is spreading her wings with the help of her industry-insider mom.

Grammy-winning gospel singer Erica Campbell is giving her talented daughter Krista Campbell an early start.

The 11-year-old budding vocalist  lifted her voice for Jesus alongside her mom during a special Stars of Destiny program at Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Potter’s House Dallas church last night.

The event, presented by Destiny World Children’s Ministry, under the leadership of Executive Director Cora Jakes-Coleman, annually celebrates the talents of its smallest members, including those in the community.

Krista, whose impressive vocal chops gained attention after the tot sang “God Bless America” at a 2010 Women of Faith of conference in Phoenix, racking up more than 145,000 YouTube views, sometimes travels with Mom.


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