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 In an exclusive  interview with the Singersroom, R&B/Gospel superstar Dave Hollister spoke about his new Album MANUscript and his love for God.  Here’s some of that interview:

The New album, The MANuscript: This album is different, and I consider this one very special. This album is for women, 90% for women. I made this album as a way to let women know they are appreciated and should be attended to at all times. I wanted to be the voice of reason and the voice for the men. Mary J. [Blige] is for the women, so that’s the frame of mind I had for this album. I wanted to make a record where the woman gives this to her man and is like, “Baby, if you want to figure out what I want or need, listen to this album.” The record was like a manual for men so they can know why it’s important to treat women with respect and simply love them wholeheartedly.

Merging R&B with Gospel Music: I’ve been gracious enough to both; it’s just God’s grace that’s been placed in my life. It’s truly a blessing. I can record a gospel or R&B album because I am a messenger. It’s not about being an R&B or gospel artist; it’s about my ability to make music that will impact people lives. I’m not trying to put myself in a box. I have to say, whatever God puts on my heart, He will direct my steps.  Whatever God assigned me to do at the moment, I’m going to do at the right time.

Deepening your Relationship with God:  My relationship with God is the most important thing in life outside of my wife and children.  You have to praise Him during the good and bad times; your relationship shouldn’t be superficial with Him. Within five years as a pastor, many people came up to me and said “‘The Book of David‘ is my favorite gospel album from you.’ People in the Bay Area told me “your ‘The Book of David’ album inspired me to get saved, find love, and just wait on the Lord.” It was a great album for those who don’t really listen to gospel music on a regular basis. The Book of David was a great and inspirational album. I was singing about things that most people have concerns with, especially with the church. I like to consider myself a “storyteller,”  because I make you see what I’m singing at that given moment.  The feedback I received from that album is further confirmation on how and why people should deepen their relationship with God.


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Source: Singers Room-Dominique Carson/Joy105-Sabrina Bush

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