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Houston Pastor’ Son Charged With Murder of Family

The 19-year-old son of a Houston pastor was taken into custody for the triple murder of his family, police said Wednesday. Two counts of capital murder have been filed against Isaac Tiharihondi, according to the Houston Police Department. Investigators believe Tiharihondi killed his mom, dad, and their young boy at the family’s apartment in the 870 block of Strey Lane, not ... Read More »

Atheist Making Over $100,000 Per Year Selling Bible App

A self-professed atheist is reportedly making over $100,000 a year selling a Bible app that he designed. Christian Today reports that Trevor McKendrick found a gap in the app market for a Spanish translation of the Bible and made the app for about $500. He now makes about $6,000 a month for his app and has added an audio version as well. ... Read More »

After Violent Islamic Rampage, Christian Return Home in Niger

Christians in Niger are beginning to return to their homes after a violent rampage by Islamic extremists. Attackers killed at least 10 people and burned 70 churches earlier this month in the North African nation. Christians saw their homes, schools, and orphanages reduced to rubble and ash. During the attack, some of the attackers displayed Boko Haram flags, but not ... Read More »

Nuns Headed to Court Against Birth Control Mandate in Obamacare

Another group of nuns is heading to court to fight for their religious liberty in a battle over the birth control mandate in Obamacare. The nuns run the Eternal Word Television Network, EWTN. Their case goes before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday. They object to the Health and Human Services contraception mandate in Obamacare, which would force them ... Read More »

Pastor Claims Car Insurance Canceled Because of Bumper Stickers On Car

A pastor in Wales claims that her insurance company said the religious bumper stickers on her car could invalidate her policy. Christian Today reports that Reverend Wena Parry attempted to make a claim after part of her car was stolen. She was told to take photos of the vehicle and when she submitted them, the company told her that they should have ... Read More »

Rapper Trip Lee Shares About New Book and Rising Above Culture Expectations

Trip Lee has made a career out of turning people’s expectations on their heads. The hip-hop artist loves to challenge stereotypes, both from inside and outside the church, about what a Christian should look like. “The gospel is the power of God for salvation for all who believe, not just old, black grandmothers or not just old, white Republican guys,” Lee said. “I ... Read More »

5 Cultural Lies That Have Shaped The Church in America

Finding out you’ve been deceived stinks, but the moment the lie is exposed is important. Why? It is the moment the truth is brought to light. And the truth is what we are seeking. No one wants to live under a cloud of lies. No one wants to operate under a constant barrage of deceptions and false declarations. We want ... Read More »

Mega Pastor Announces That Not Only Can Practicing Homosexuals Be Members, But Those In Sexual Sin Can Now Fully Serve In His church!

An apostate pastor in the Bible Belt who leads the congregation that country star Carrie Underwoodattends recently announced from the pulpit that not only can practicing homosexuals be members, but those in sexual sin can now fully serve in his church and will be allowed to “marry” at the facility. “Our position that these siblings of ours, other than heterosexual, … cannot have ... Read More »

Radical Christians Disrupt Muslim Rally

State representative stirs fury after leaving Israeli flag in office and asking her staff to ask visitors to ‘renounce Islamic terror groups.’ Brandishing signs and shouting slogans, religious Christian protesters disrupted a Muslim rally on the steps of the Texas capitol on Thursday. State Representative Molly White (R-Belton) did not attend but said she had left an Israeli flag on her reception desk ... Read More »

Religious and Secular Groups Ask Clarity From IRS

Religious and secular advocacy groups jointly called Thursday for greater clarity by the Internal Revenue Service regarding nonprofits and political activity. In a rare combined front, leaders of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Alliance Defending Freedom, Public Citizen and the Center for American Progress met at the National Press Club to discuss ways the tax agency could better help nonprofits know what they can and ... Read More »

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