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Pastor Calls Out Gay Mayor Annise Parker Over Denying City the Right to Vote

While the country awaits a judge’s verdict over the Equal Rights Ordinance, Pastor Steve Riggle calls out Houston Mayor Annise Parker over her denying the city their right to vote. Mayor Parker, What a shame that in Houston, Texas, a trial had to be held to simply attempt to allow the people their right to vote. We have discovered that in Mayor Annise Parker’s Houston, ... Read More »

Christian Leaders Respond After President Obama’s Comparison of Christians and ISIL

Leading Evangelist Franklin Graham took to Facebook on Thursday to respond to President Barack Obama‘s implication at the National Prayer Breakfast that ISIS’ brutality abuse of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria is similar to that of Christian brutality over 1,000 years ago. In a post on his public Facebook page, Graham, the son of world-renowned Evangelist Billy Grahamand the current president of Billy Graham ... Read More »

Boy Clinically Dead 45 Minutes Comes Back to Life After Mother’s Prayer

A Missouri teen who fell through ice on Lake Sainte Louise and was clinically dead for 45 minutes has miraculously came back to life after his mother said a fervent prayer. According to Christian News Network, John Smith, 14, was playing on the lake with two friends when all three fell through the ice. One boy made it out of the ... Read More »

Megachurch Pastor to Baptize Book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

A US megachurch pastor is to ‘baptize’ a copy of the book Fifty Shades of Grey in response to the expected success of the film starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Based on the book by EL James, the film features scenes of sexual violence. Fellowship Church Pastor Ed Young, who has just released a book entitled ‘Fifty Shades of They’about healthy relationships, will ‘baptize’ copies of the book this weekend. He ... Read More »

Hollywood’s Faith-Based Films Market Continues to Expand

Hollywood’s Christian film market continues to expand thanks to a growing consumer appetite for faith-based films. One Hollywood publicist believes that ultimately, Christian films have the potential to extend beyond providing superficial entertainment on the big screen to having a significant social and cultural impact in the modern world. “I think the Christian market of the film and television industry ... Read More »

Houston Pastor’ Son Charged With Murder of Family

The 19-year-old son of a Houston pastor was taken into custody for the triple murder of his family, police said Wednesday. Two counts of capital murder have been filed against Isaac Tiharihondi, according to the Houston Police Department. Investigators believe Tiharihondi killed his mom, dad, and their young boy at the family’s apartment in the 870 block of Strey Lane, not ... Read More »

Atheist Making Over $100,000 Per Year Selling Bible App

A self-professed atheist is reportedly making over $100,000 a year selling a Bible app that he designed. Christian Today reports that Trevor McKendrick found a gap in the app market for a Spanish translation of the Bible and made the app for about $500. He now makes about $6,000 a month for his app and has added an audio version as well. ... Read More »

After Violent Islamic Rampage, Christian Return Home in Niger

Christians in Niger are beginning to return to their homes after a violent rampage by Islamic extremists. Attackers killed at least 10 people and burned 70 churches earlier this month in the North African nation. Christians saw their homes, schools, and orphanages reduced to rubble and ash. During the attack, some of the attackers displayed Boko Haram flags, but not ... Read More »

Nuns Headed to Court Against Birth Control Mandate in Obamacare

Another group of nuns is heading to court to fight for their religious liberty in a battle over the birth control mandate in Obamacare. The nuns run the Eternal Word Television Network, EWTN. Their case goes before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday. They object to the Health and Human Services contraception mandate in Obamacare, which would force them ... Read More »

Pastor Claims Car Insurance Canceled Because of Bumper Stickers On Car

A pastor in Wales claims that her insurance company said the religious bumper stickers on her car could invalidate her policy. Christian Today reports that Reverend Wena Parry attempted to make a claim after part of her car was stolen. She was told to take photos of the vehicle and when she submitted them, the company told her that they should have ... Read More »

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