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Preacher Shot

It’s not easy being a pastor these days, especially as violence appears to be on the rise. Pastor Dwayne Shepherd says the Lord is his protector, and was able to hold to that after being shotat in his church parking lot. He and another pastor were talking about opening a school at the church when someone approached their van and ... Read More »

Some Churches Offering Loans to Members

Some churches are offering loans to members as an alternative to high-interest payday loans, the Washington Post reports. It’s called the Jubilee Assistance Fund. According to their website, the JAF allows local churches to establish accounts at the Virginia United Methodist Credit Union and offer short-term loans to people who would otherwise not qualify. The Post reports that in it’s 7 ... Read More »

North Carolina City Removes Christian Statue

Until a few days ago, a war memorial in a public park in North Carolina included a metal sculpture depicting a soldier kneeling in prayer before a cross. But city officials voted to remove the sculpture to settle a lawsuit claiming the artwork promoted Christianity. King, a small city of about 6,000 people 15 miles north of Winston-Salem, dedicated the ... Read More »

Bishop Joseph Walker III Asking Faith Leaders to Lead Congregants to Better Health!

There is an acute epidemic running rampant in the faith community and its victims fail to be faithful to their own body. Many thank God for life, yet are so unhealthy that they are consistently robbing themselves of that life. As a pastor, I have witnessed first hand the culture of the faith community around issues of health, particularly in ... Read More »

A Special Tribute to the Legend Andre Crouch From Tim Dillinger

I’ve never known life without Andraé Crouch’s music. I’m told that from the crib the only album that would put me to sleep was Live at Carnegie Hall. I would dance rigorously and then, finally, fall asleep. I have glimmers of memories of seeing him and The Disciples in concert when I was three years old at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg, ... Read More »

Episcopal Bishop Faces 21 Years in Prison if Found Guilty

Maryland’s second-highest ranking Episcopal bishop, Heather Cook, 58, is now staring at a sentence of up to 21 years in prison and $20,000 in potential fines after Baltimore’s new state’s attorney, Marilyn J. Mosby, announced Friday that she’ll be charged with multiple crimes, including driving under the influence, causing an accident due to texting while driving, and leaving the scene of a ... Read More »

Group Calls for Christians to Pray for America

A denominational group is calling on Christians to pray for the nation. The Church of God Prayer Ministries is behind the effort, according to Charisma Magazine. The 4 million member full gospel denomination is calling on Christians to fast and pray for 21 days beginning Jan. 10, 2015. “The goal is: prayer. United prayer. Fervent prayer. A nation, and the nations, joined ... Read More »

The Gospel Legend Andre Crouch Has Passed at 72

Andrae Crouch, a legendary gospel performer, songwriter and choir director whose work graced songs by Michael Jackson and Madonna and movies such as “The Lion King,” has died. He was 72. Crouch died Thursday afternoon at Northridge Hospital Medical Center, where he had been admitted Saturday after suffering a heart attack, said his publicist, Brian Mayes. The Recording Academy, which awarded seven Grammys to Crouch during a ... Read More »

Warryn Campbell Major Medical Scare

One of the music industry’s best producers, pastor and spouse to gospel-duo Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell, started the year off with a major medical scare. 39-year-old Warryn began praising God after a heart attack scare that turned out to be nothing more than just gas. He began exclaiming: “Satan, we bind you in the name of Jesus! Every ailment, issue ... Read More »

J. J. Hairston Appointed Director of Music at City of Praise

One of gospel music’s leading choir conductors and tunesmiths J.J. Hairston of the award-winning group, Youthful Praise, has been appointed Director of Music at City of Praise Family Ministries, headquartered in Mitchellville, MD where Bishop Joel & Ylawnda Peebles serve as the pastors. When asked about the church he will be serving, J.J. responds: “The Word taught by Bishop Peebles ... Read More »

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