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The Best Answer Steve Harvey Has Ever Heard

  Men seem to have a lot in common with the Pillsbury Doughboy, but one similarity stands out from the rest for Steve Harvey. On a recent episode of “Family Feud,” contestants were asked to name “something the Pillsbury Doughboy and your man have in common,” and one answer made Harvey completely lose it. After hearing the response, he tossed ... Read More »

Magazine Cover Depicts MLK, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and Others

Cartoonist and illustrator Barry Blitt is best known for his work with The New Yorker, and his latest cover for the magazine depicts Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in a re-imagining of images seen in photos from the Selma-To-Montgomery march events. In the illustration, Rev. King is seen walking — arms locked — with slain Staten Island, N.Y., resident Eric ... Read More »

Atlanta Mayor Says I Have Crazy People Calling My House!

Atlanta’s Mayor Muhammad Kasim Reed says that he has been called the “Antichrist” and “a Muslim” since terminating Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran and despite being subject to harassment and alarming threats, he stands by his controversial decision. On Jan. 6 Cochran, a devout Christian, was fired by Reed for espousing his religious beliefs in a self-published book and distributing copies to fellow employees. The termination sparked widespread outrage ... Read More »

Lolo Jones Ask Fans to Join a 3 Week I Rebuke You Satan Fast

Lolo Jones is heading to the right place for a long year of success. She is getting her spiritual house in order, before she ventures to business of being an ‘Olympian example and role model. Olympic hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones and Olympic wrestler Jordan Burroughs are encouraging eligible athletes from across the country to join them at the 2015 State Games of America (SGA) ... Read More »

Selma’s Director Ava DuVernay Skipped From Nominations

The Oscar nominations are in, and Selma has a chance to take the Academy’s highest honor. Although three-time film director, Ava DuVernay was not nominated for Best Director, her critically acclaimed film, Selma is nominated for Best Picture at the 2015 Academy Awards. The film also picked up an Oscar nomination for Best Song, for Common and John Legend‘s song, “Glory.” The gospel-tinged track also earned the musicians a Golden ... Read More »

Feds Block Scary ISIS-Inspired Attack on U.S. Capitol

A guard at the U.S. Capitol (Kevin Lamarque, Reuters) An Ohio man claiming sympathy with Islamic State militants was arrested and charged on Wednesday in connection with a plot to attack the U.S. Capitol with guns and bombs, court documents disclosed. Christopher Cornell, 20, of Cincinnati researched the construction of pipe bombs, purchased a semi-automatic rifle and 600 rounds of ammunition and ... Read More »

Beverly Johnson’s Former Manager Says She Lied Concerning Meeting With Bill Cosby

As comedy legend Bill Cosby continues to sink further in to the infamy of allegations from 30 or so women who are accusing him of past sexual atrocities, veteran Hollywood talent manager Don Gibble is speaking out. Gibble told The Daily Caller that former model and client Beverly Johnson, who also claims that Cosby allegedly drugged and assaulted her, lied about her meeting with the ... Read More »

Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. may be the most-iconic African-American figure of all time. The clergyman, activist, and Civil Rights Movement leader managed to impact race relations during one of the most-turbulent periods in America. His tireless devotion to promoting racial equality via peaceful means stands as an indelible footprint in the annals of Black History. Today, Joy105.com honors Dr. King on ... Read More »

Rapper Kendrick Lamar Shares Why He Believes We Are Living in the End Times

Kendrick Lamar recently spoke to Billboard about his views on the recent racial unrest in the United States and why he believes we’re living in the end times. Chicago MC is forthcoming and direct about his feelings as of late. He admits that he stopped drinking when he was a taeenager, he works out daily and appears to be deeply rooted ... Read More »

Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 21Years Dies Soon After Release

Sharrif Wilson, who spent over half his life behind bars for three murders he didn’t commit, died on Saturday, only 11 months after being exonerated. The 38-year-old Harlem resident was pronounced dead at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai hospital at 10:59 p.m. Saturday, the New York Daily News reported. Wilson, who had been hospitalized since the end of December, suffered from acute ... Read More »

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