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Mom allegedly leaves son alone for holiday weekend!

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – An 8-year-old boy was allegedly left home alone for the Memorial Day weekend while his mother traveled out of state. Kionna Moret, 27, is now facing charges of child neglect and child endangerment after someone called police to report her son being left to fend for himself Saturday. “To leave an 8-year-old on their own for ... Read More »

Two Gunmen Shot Dead After Attack on Texas Event Featuring Cartoons of Muhammad

Two gunmen are dead after opening fire at a security officer outside of a Texas event that included a contest to see who could draw the best cartoon of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The incident occurred on Sunday evening just as the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” was coming to a conclusion. Two men, one of which has been ... Read More »

New reality show called, “Curvy Brides” a show for plus size brides

Two sisters who were inspired to open their own plus-size bridal salon after the older of the two failed to find the perfect-fitting dream dress for her wedding day are chronicling their day-to-day adventures as the stars of a new TLC reality series, Curvy Brides. On each episode of the show, which premieres tonight, Yukia Walker, 37, and Yuneisia Harris, ... Read More »

Chicken Poxs as an Adult!

Most people suffer chickenpox as a child and barely remember the illness. But a gruesome video shows how unpleasant it can be to suffer the virus as an adult. The clip shows a 32-year-old, from London, whose entire body is covered in huge white pustules which look painful and itchy. He holds a camera close to his skin to reveal ... Read More »

Carmelo Anthony Marches Alongside Protesters in Baltimore as Demonstrations

Tensions between police and protesters caused clashes in Philadelphia during the fourth night of demonstrations over the death of Freddie Gray. Officers pushed back members of a march who surged on a police line outside City Hall on Thursday, with police saying four arrests had been made. One protester told the Philadelphia Inquirer he had been hit by a police ... Read More »

Disgraced NBC anchor threatens to make departure ‘really ugly’

Disgraced NBC anchor Brian Williams has threatened to make his departure from the channel ‘really ugly’, it has been reported. The 55-year-old newsman is refusing to go down ‘without a fight’ as he looks to return to his post on NBC Nightly News, according to a source close to the network. It comes after it was revealed that an internal ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton says Freddie Gray case proves ‘There Is Something Profoundly Wrong’ In Our Criminal Justice System

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday used her first major policy speech as a 2016 presidential candidate to draw attention to the death of Baltimore’s Freddie Gray, saying it was part of an “undeniable” pattern in which black men in America are disproportionately targeted by the criminal justice system. “What we have seen in Baltimore should — indeed, I think does — ... Read More »

Viola Davis to play Hero Harriet Tubman in HBO Film

Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis will play Harriet Tubman in an HBO Films and Amblin TV production, EW confirmed. The untitled project is based on Kate Clifford Larson’s book Bound for the Promised Land, the 2003 biographic novel on the Civil War-era abolitionist and prominent Underground Railroad worker. Deadline first reported the news. This is the third Underground Railroad-related project in ... Read More »

Rainbow coalition of traditional marriage supporters march to supreme court

What may have been the most diverse gathering of activists ever in Washington, D.C., gathered Saturday to “March for Marriage.” While the rainbow is often used as a symbol of diversity for the Gay Rights Movement, an impressive array of racial and ethnic backgrounds were evident among those united to defend marriage. Eric Teetsel, executive director of the Manhattan Declaration, ... Read More »

Man awaiting verdict on felony sex abuse case shoots himself outside court

A piano teacher awaiting a jury’s verdict on charges claiming he sexually assaulted an underage student has shot himself outside a New Hampshire courthouse, court officials say. Authorities say 75-year-old John Goodwin, of Atkinson, went on trial this week on six counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault. Prosecutors said that Atkinson, who pleaded not guilty, repeatedly sexually assaulted a student, ... Read More »

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