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WVKO 1580AM The Praise

3360 E. Livingston
Suite 2A
Columbus, OH  43227

(614) 824-2550 | Office
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  1. We are waiting to hear from you

    • I have a Praise Report 3/20/2018 By the grace of The Lord I took steps towards reconciliation. My extended family had many wounds. When my mother passed on to Glory a year ago I completely disconnected myself due to my pain without considering the pain of others. BUT GOD is a reconciler!

  2. Mar Von Bozeman-Forte

    Greetings from Assembly of Faith Church.
    Thank you for all that you do! It takes a successful team of extraordinary self starters to do what you’re doing. Hats off to you and your staff. Stay kingdom focused!

  3. Hello

    I am interested to learn about the requirements to became a part of your team. I host and facilitate a prayer call every Wednesday evening, but would like to explore others ways to reach the community.

    Mr. Al Edmondson recommended that I connect with someone to at least have a conversation.

    My direct # : 614-450-2632


    • Mr. Ron George, Thank you for your interest in being part of our team. I will forward your info to Pastor Reeves as he is our Program Director. We are at all times being concerned about our community. Again, thanks for your message and keep listening to AM1580 WVKO The Praise.

      Pastor Wayne R. Dandridge
      Music Director
      Website Publisher

  4. Austin Chisolm aka Ahouse

    My name is Austin Chisolm aka Ahouse. I’m a christian hip hop artist. I’m signed to Tate Music Group Label in Mulsa Ok. My album will be coming out on Dec. 10, 2013. I’m trying to nework with as many different people and places to get the word of God and as well as my music out to everyone that will hear. Whenever i receive your email i can send you my music right away thank you and God Bless.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Bobby Jones featuring Faith Evans, do you know when the CD is coming out?

    And thank you and God bless you for all the wonderful work you spreading the good news of Jesus!

  6. Praise the Lord! I am trying to find a song that I heard this morning around 9:15 or so, “I’m Good”. Please tell me the correct title to the song and author. Thanks and God bless!

  7. I recently heard a song on you station..something like..I want a unconditional love to hold me tight..I found Jesus
    ..New tune..I want that recording..

  8. Hello, I am writing the book on Columbus radio history for the Arcadia Press “Images of America” series. I left a voice message also. I am looking for photos of the Bert Charles era, WVKO as a rock station and a soul station. I knew Bill Moss and Les Brown as I was a WCOL DJ 1963-1973.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you,


  9. Rev. Wayne,

    I was checking to see if you play independent artist music within the music rotation? If so, I would like to send a CD of the Trumpets of Joy to you so that you could listen to it and may consider playing a single or selections off of the CD.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Greetings Amos Freeman. Yes we do play independent artists in our regular rotation.
      You can seend the CD of the Trumpets of Joy to:

      AM1580 WVKO The Praise;
      c/o Pastor Wayne Dandridge, Music Director;
      3360 E. Livingston Ave. Suite 2A;
      Columbus, Ohio 43227

  10. How can I get my artist song on your radio station WKTO

    • You can send your artist music to
      AM1580 WVKO The Praise;
      c/o Pastor Wayne Dandridge, Music Director;
      3360 E. Livingston Ave. Suite 2A;
      Columbus, Ohio 43227

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