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Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff


The Staff of AM1580 WVKO The Praise,

The Real Voice of the People.


Pastor Mike Reeves

Operations Manager/Program Director
/On-Air Personality

Current Event Monday


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Bishop Mel Griffin

General Manager / On-Air Personality

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Pastor Wayne R. Dandridge

On-Air Personality / Music Director

Quartet Praise

Sunday 6PM – 10PM

Your Columbus Praise

Monday – Friday beginning at 10AM

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Shanikka Flinn

On-Air Personality

The Midday Show – Your Journey To Empowerment

Tuesday – Friday 12PM-3PM

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The Afternoon Ride

 Nina Taylor

On-Air Personality

Afternoon Ride with Nina Taylor

Monday – Friday 3PM – 7PM

“The Gospel News”

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Evening Praise

Monday – Friday 7PM – 11PM


 Otto Robinson

Otto Robinson

On-Air Personality / Production Director

Praise & Worship Sunday

Sunday 6AM – 8AM

Night Praise                                            

Monday – Saturday 11PM – 6AM

Sunday 12AM – 6AM

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Marc James

On-Air Personality

Marc’s Early Morning Musical Praise

Saturday 6AM – 10AM



Let’s Talk About Health

Host: Dr. Amanda Flowers

Saturday 10AM – 11AM

Weekly Presenters: Dr. Mark White & Dr. Victor McCoy


Cultural Insight For The Soul

Host: Dr. Linda James Myers

The Department of African American and African Studies

Saturday 11AM – 12PM

Nina Taylor & Conia Almon

Nina Taylor & Conia Almon

On-Air Personalities

“The Blazin Hot Praise” Top 40 Countdown

Saturday 12pM – 4PM                                    

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Rick & Reese

Maurice James & Rick Jones

On-Air Personalities

The Rick & Reese Show

Saturday 7PM – 11PM

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 Conia Almon

On-Air Personality

Sunday Shabach

Sunday 11AM – 4PM

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Bishop Dr. Michael D. Reeves Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

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  1. Create a page for local announcements…As a listener… I don’t get the information… would appeciate if I could come to your site…

    Keep up the great work…

    • Thank you Mary for your suggestion. We are working hard to improve our website and to bring to you, the listener, the type of things that are most important to you. I appreciate your support and keep on listening to the Praise.

  2. What an awesome playlist WVKO has. The station got off to a slow start, but now . . . as the youngins say . . . . “it is popping.” Congratulations and keep up the great work. “When God is in it, there is no limit.”

    • Thank you Janet Smith for your comment. We are trying daily to give you and all our listeners what they want to hear. God Bless you and keep listening.

  3. Thank you for being obedient. Only God can make it happen and He used each and every one of you to provide the beautiful praise that is rocking Columbus’ airwaves. Love you and pray that you receive all the blessings back that you are pouring out over this city. AMEN!

    • Hello Delphine M. First let me apologize for this late response as I had not seen your message before. Second, Thank you for your comment. Only God can and God Did it. We are trying our best to ‘Rock Columbus’ Airwaves.’ We can do that with the help of God and with your support. Again Thank you for listening.

  4. I enjoyed Pastor LaMarr on today. I kept trying to call but no answer. I just wanted to say thank you for ministering through songs to my spirit today!

  5. I just found this station when I ran across a story about The man with the golden voice. I live here in Lou-a-vull Kentucky(that’s the correct way to say Louisville) and listen to WLLV as well as sister station WLOU, these are our black gospel stations ; From now on I promise to listen online to your station. My mother and I had been wondering about Ted Williams. We waSnt to commend your station for giving him another chance.God bless you all!Love is what we need,not enough of it.

  6. Michael J Herring

    I just read an inspiring story about Ted Williams in my local paper (http://www.windsorstar.com/entertainment/oncehomeless+with+smooth+voice+back+airwaves/11657106/story.html).

    I am having a dispute with a friend who swears she used to see Ted Williams in downtown Windsor, Ontario. I cannot see as this is possible Have/did Ted ever frequent Windsor Ontario? Please help me settle this one. God Bless.

    • I am sorry to inform you that according to Ted Williams manager he has never been to Canada. But thank you for the info. His manager will have to see if that can be done.

  7. I started listening to WVKO 1580 when Eddie Saunders was broadcasting Sermons and Songs. I loved and looked forward to his show. Now, I am enjoying Ted Williams, the Golden Voice. He is very entertaining and open about his past. An added plus, he likes Tramaine Hawkins “Going Up Yonder”. Be Blessed!

  8. Hello my name is Tammie Bowser,
    I recently saw Dr Oz program with Ted Williams as his guest talking about his blood pressure I believe it was 174 / 124 . I don’t believe mr. Williams know how important it is to get his blood pressure down I am 52 years old and my blood pressure was as equal to his and I had congestive heart failure, i need to tell him he is defiantly in the danger zone this is serious. Please Ted, control this right away.I just worry that he’s not taking this serious enough because only because he has no clue… I want to alarm him before what happens to me, happens to me… if he wants to hear my full story he can reach me tbtaz43@gmail.com
    I don’t know if you knew how worried Dr Oz was but he was worried enough to fly someone in to help you understand how serious and dangerous your blood pressure is.

    I’m not doing this to be on the radio I’m doing this because I care and what happen to me I don’t want anyone to go through my heart was only at 30% working when I went to ER, because of my blood pressure so high for so long…thank God, I’m doing better now.

    The reason for this email. Take care of yourself Ted Williams and that golden voice God blessed_father@hotmail.com you with

  9. Hi, I was wondering how I could talk to Ted Williams? It’s business-related, and this is one of the few places I could reach out.

  10. What happen to the golden voice Ted Williams. I have not heard him on the radio station for a couple weeks. Enjoy listening to him

  11. Reverend Tim Polley

    What happened to Ted Williams?

  12. I am sad to learn that Ted Williams is no longer with your station. It was by finding an article online stating that he was there that I found your website. i pray that Mr. Williams is doing well and has perhaps moved on to an even better opportunity. Blessings to everyone who sought to assist him in getting his life back on track.

  13. Where is Ted Williams? Is he homeless now?

    • I have no information that I can share with you about where Ted Williams is or what he may be doing because I have no idea.

  14. What happened to TED WILLIAMS? IS HE jobless and homeless NOW OR FULLY EMPLOYED?

    Reverend Wayne answer the question.

    • I have no information that I can share with you about where Ted Williams is or what he may be doing because I have no idea.

  15. I have noticed many questions being asked here as to where Mr Ted Williams, The Golden Voice, is and why has he not been on AM1580 WVKO. The questions have already been answered and that is all i am able to say about the matter. If you like you can google him and see if you can find out who is manager is. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Mr. Ed Beasley, Yes I do know why he left and NO I can not share that information. If you want to find out about him then you need to do some research and find out for yourself. TRUTH!!!!! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!!!

  16. Is ted Williams employed there?

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