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Nurse Praises God After Witnessing Miracle

Please excuse us while we sob quietly to ourselves over the Lord working a miracle in this teenager’s life. When 17-year-old Bailey Murrill was rushed to the hospital after losing feeling in her legs during a wrestling match with her father, a Christian nurse began to pray over her. Even though Matthew 21:22 tells us that whatever we ask in ... Read More »

Two Gunmen Shot Dead After Attack on Texas Event Featuring Cartoons of Muhammad

Two gunmen are dead after opening fire at a security officer outside of a Texas event that included a contest to see who could draw the best cartoon of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The incident occurred on Sunday evening just as the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” was coming to a conclusion. Two men, one of which has been ... Read More »

Church regains right to serve housing project after initially booted for being ‘religious’

A church in Pennsylvania has regained the right to serve and minister at a local government-run housing project after initially being booted simply because the entity was considered to be “religious.” Rachael Groll, the Children’s Ministry Director at Living Waters Church in Meadville, began reaching out to families at the Gill Village housing project last year after she noticed a ... Read More »

Single woman wins payout from church after being fired for getting pregnant

A single woman who was fired from her job at a church daycare for getting pregnant out of wedlock settled a lawsuit against her former employer for an undisclosed amount. Venita Short, 31, a Fayetteville, North Carolina, day care worker, had worked at the New Life Baptist Church’s preschool before she was fired for being pregnant and unwed. But she ... Read More »

Bishop Joseph Walker Says, “Don’t Sacrifice Your Dreams on the Altar of a Relationship”

This month we traditionally focus on love. For some it is a time of relational joy, optimism and hope, while for others it is a time of frustration, pessimism and pain. This dichotomy is one that has existed for years. There exists within all of us a desire to be loved and feel needed. Many people settle for dysfunction just ... Read More »

Cop Charged With Assault After Man Left Paralyzed

An Alabama police officer has been charged with assault and will be fired after authorities say he badly injured an Indian man whom he stopped to question as the man was walking through his son’s neighborhood. The man has filed a lawsuit, and the FBI has opened an investigation. The lawsuit filed by Sureshbhai Patel on Thursday claims that his injuries include ... Read More »

Student Dead After Responding to Craigslist Ad

Clark Atlanta University says the killing of a junior chemistry major is a “devastating” loss for the school. Police in suburban Atlanta say three people have been arrested in the death of 21-year-old James Jones Jr., who was looking to buy an iPhone from a seller on Craigslist. Marietta Police spokesman David Baldwin says Jones was robbed and fatally shot Monday night after responding to ... Read More »

Group of Hackers Go After ISIS

A group of hackers that call themselves “Anonymous” reportedly broke into hundreds of ISIS social media and email accounts and shut them down. According to CNN Money, Anonymous managed to shut down nearly 800 Twitter accounts, 12 Facebook pages and over 50 email addresses. The hackers also made a statement directed at ISIS saying, “UNITED AS ONE, DIVIDED BY ZERO … We Are ... Read More »

After Turmoil, There Will Be “Very,Very Few” Christians Left Fears Prince Charles

Britain’s Prince Charles says he fears there will be “very, very few” Christians left in the Middle East after the turmoil wracking the region. The heir to the British throne, who is on a trip to the region, told the BBC that the plight of Christians persecuted by Islamic extremists was “a most agonizing situation,” though it was important to remember they were just one persecuted ... Read More »

Pastor Apologizes After Controversial Comments

The senior pastor of a prominent Los Angeles church has issued an apology after controversial comments during a sermon delivered weeks ago. The apology by Pastor J. Edgar Boyd of the First AME Church may end weeks of tension over the remarks purportedly comparing law enforcement officers to the Ku Klux Klan. Boyd last month told Sunday worshipers that things have changed since 1960 ... Read More »

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