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By: Kyle Cobb When I tell someone I’m from Florida, I usually receive a smirk and a crack about the internet meme “Florida Man” in response. I get it. Florida is a weird place full of flip- flops, alligator-skinned old ladies and bad tattoos, but when people mock it I can’t help getting defensive. To me, there’s so much more under ... Read More »


  MEGA PRODUCER WARRYN CAMPBELL ON GOD GIVING HIM THE NAME OF HIS CALIFORNIA CHURCH “God gave me that name, out of the blue before I had even realized that I was going to be a minister years ago. Anybody that knows me in business, I come up with business ideas all the time and I called my general manager ... Read More »


Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Kelly Price is upset with the church after being slammed for singing “As We Lay,” which is an adultery anthem on a Gospel stage. The platinum-selling artist began trending on social media Monday due to the blowback over her performance at the Indiana Black Expo. Here’s what happened. Because of a scheduling change, Price, who was ... Read More »

Pistol-packing Bishop says: We’re not going to turn the other cheek while you shoot us!

A church in Jackson, Michigan, has chosen to guard its congregation by deploying a secret armed security team embedded among the parishioners following the June 17 shootings in the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, that killed the church pastor and eight parishioners. “If they had security, the assailant would not have been able to reload,” ... Read More »

Church regains right to serve housing project after initially booted for being ‘religious’

A church in Pennsylvania has regained the right to serve and minister at a local government-run housing project after initially being booted simply because the entity was considered to be “religious.” Rachael Groll, the Children’s Ministry Director at Living Waters Church in Meadville, began reaching out to families at the Gill Village housing project last year after she noticed a ... Read More »

Single woman wins payout from church after being fired for getting pregnant

A single woman who was fired from her job at a church daycare for getting pregnant out of wedlock settled a lawsuit against her former employer for an undisclosed amount. Venita Short, 31, a Fayetteville, North Carolina, day care worker, had worked at the New Life Baptist Church’s preschool before she was fired for being pregnant and unwed. But she ... Read More »

Pastor Raphael Warnock of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church speaks on Baltimore!

While demonstrators took to the streets, local religious leaders called for peace from the pulpits. Services at the Ebenezer Baptist Church echoed the fight for justice. Pastor Raphael Warnock prayed for the community struggling with protests, unrest and calls for justice. The city where he once led another congregation with troubles that he says are not new. “Freddie Gray suffered ... Read More »

Two shot and four wounded outside Brooklyn church

Two people were killed and four wounded in a shooting after they left a funeral service in New York City’s borough of Brooklyn on Monday night, according to media and police. Police identified the two victims killed in the shooting as 40-year-old Sharieff Clayton and 44-year-old Ronald Murphy. Two other men and two women were treated for wounds at hospitals, ... Read More »

1 dead and at least 20 sick after attending church potluck

One person has died and at least 20 others were sick with symptoms of foodborne Botulism following a weekend church potluck in Ohio, hospital officials said on Tuesday. The Fairfield Medical Center said in a statement that the patients, five of whom were in a critical condition, had all attended a picnic at Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church in ... Read More »

Church treasurer accused of killing wife

A church treasurer accused of killing his wife by deliberately smashing his 4×4 vehicle into a tree at 84mph has described their early sex life together as ‘dramatic’. Ian Walters is accused of murdering his wife of two years after their relationship had collapsed because she was no longer able to satisfy his sexual demands. Walters, who also worked as ... Read More »

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