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Dr. E Dewey Smith prides himself on not only being a pastor but also a teacher, as the leader of House of Hope Atlanta, he challenges many of the societal perceptions and interpretations of the Bible. Dr. Smith had House of Hope Atlanta on the edge of their seat Sunday morning. He objected to an age old myth that has ... Read More »

Nurse Praises God After Witnessing Miracle

Please excuse us while we sob quietly to ourselves over the Lord working a miracle in this teenager’s life. When 17-year-old Bailey Murrill was rushed to the hospital after losing feeling in her legs during a wrestling match with her father, a Christian nurse began to pray over her. Even though Matthew 21:22 tells us that whatever we ask in ... Read More »

Pastor Creflo Dollar addresses all the lies about jail, theft and him believing God for a $65M plane! See Video

After coming under heavy criticism for asking the public for $65 million dollars to purchase a luxury airplane for his ministry last month, popular televangelist and founder of World Changers Church International Creflo Dollar responded in spectacular defiance in a recent message to his church declaring: “If I want to believe God for a $65 million plane, you cannot stop ... Read More »

Students Pushing to Ban Bibles Because Some ‘Uncomfortable’ With Word of God

Students in Aberystwyth are pushing for thousands of Gideon Bibles to be removed from university accommodation. A poll conducted by the students’ union claims that more than half of students felt that having the Bibles in university accommodation as a matter of course was “uncomfortable” or “unacceptable.” The call to ban Bibles mirrors action by the University of Huddersfield in 2013—it said it ... Read More »

Student Disciplined For Adding ‘God Bless America’ to Morning Announcements

A Florida high school student was disciplined after a national atheist organization took offense when he concluded the morning announcements by saying “God Bless America.” A spokesperson for the Nassau County School District told me the student at Yulee High School deviated from the approved script on the morning of Feb. 9thand uttered the words “God Bless America” — apparently causing ... Read More »

“God is Working Magnificently On Capitol Hill” Says Public Policy Official

Southern Baptists’ top public policy official says he sees God working in unexpected ways in the lives of people he encounters while representing the nation’s second-largest faith group after Roman Catholics in the nation’s capital. Russell Moore, head of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said in a panel discussion at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Feb. 6 that part ... Read More »

Kirk Franklin Speaks of What Made Him Question God’s Existence

Popular gospel musician Kirk Franklin is no fan of Christianity’s subculture and recently explained how it alienated him as he grew as a Christian and made him question “if God was even real.” Franklin, who discussed his frustration in a blog post on Patheos Tuesday, explained that the Christian subculture made him feel like he didn’t belong when he was growing up and ... Read More »

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