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Bishop Joseph Walker asks can faith and therapy coexist?

It is intriguing to witness the tension that exists between clinical counseling and the faith community. I am keenly aware of how many people in the religious community have negative views of clinical counseling. The discovery that the co-pilot of the fatal Germanwings Flight 9525 had mental health issues, sparked open dialog surrounding this often taboo topic. This issue is ... Read More »

Bishop Joseph Walker Says, “Don’t Sacrifice Your Dreams on the Altar of a Relationship”

This month we traditionally focus on love. For some it is a time of relational joy, optimism and hope, while for others it is a time of frustration, pessimism and pain. This dichotomy is one that has existed for years. There exists within all of us a desire to be loved and feel needed. Many people settle for dysfunction just ... Read More »

What Shook the Faith of Bishop Joseph Walker III!

The doctor came into a small hospital consulting room looking concerned, twiddling his thumbs. “I’ve got some tough news for you,” he said. “We found cancer, pancreatic.” Joseph Warren Walker III was terrified. The tough news was about his wife, Diane. Suddenly, the spiritual leader for the humongous Mt. Zion Baptist Church, the man who lit the path for 29,000 members, was himself lost. Bishop ... Read More »

Bishop Joseph Walker III Asking Faith Leaders to Lead Congregants to Better Health!

There is an acute epidemic running rampant in the faith community and its victims fail to be faithful to their own body. Many thank God for life, yet are so unhealthy that they are consistently robbing themselves of that life. As a pastor, I have witnessed first hand the culture of the faith community around issues of health, particularly in ... Read More »

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