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What’s Being Played On The Praise

What’s Being Played On The Praise

AM1580 WVKO The Praise

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  1. Candace Robertson

    I listen to WVKO daily and I love it! I always hear this song but, I never catch the name or the artist. The lyrics go I walk will the streets of gold. It also says something about flying away. I would really like to figure out the title I really want to purchase this song. I really hope someone can help. Thanks in advance,
    Candace Robertson

    • Candace, thank you for your comment. I’m so sorry that I am unable to figure out who the artist is of the song you are referring to. Keep listening and when you hear the song being played try to call the on air personality while it is playing so that we can let you know who the artist is. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Candace – I think you’re looking for “My Hope is in Glory” by Ethan Kent

  2. Hello, Im trying to find out who sings the Hym, I’ve got J O Y from the S O N down in my S O U L soul, I would like my son to learn that song, it’s not played that often anymore.

    • Hello Robin. I thank you for your comment and for viewing our website. That song, J.O.Y. is by a local artist here in Columbus, Ohio by the name of Gerri Brown. Most of the time that it is played is during Bishop Mel Griffin’s show in the morning and sometimes during the Local Talent Showcase with Pastor Marcus L Martin. God Bless and keep listening.

  3. Good evening, Bishop Mel has been playing a song he said is called “The Shout Track.” Can you tell me the artist’s name?

    Jennifer Davis

  4. I heard a guy singing an awesome praise song Saturday around 5:40 that blew me away! I think the chorus included the worlds, ” Jesus, Jesues, that’s what we call you,” with a mass choir in the background. “Born in a manger”, etc., I think was also lyrics in the number.( I think the song is in E flat. )
    Please, if anyone knows the song and artist let me know so I can purchase it.. Thanks !

    • Pastor Wayne R. Dandridge

      Greeting Mike Pettibone, thank you for your comment. The sing you are referring to was by the late Rev. Timothy Wright entitled Jesus, Jesus, Jesus from the album entitled the same. It was released February 27, 2007.

  5. Hey Rev Wayne! Just wanted to say Hi ! Thanks for all you do!

    Jay Caldwell and the Gospel Ambassadors

  6. I am really disheartened 😣 I just heard a song, 🎤some Merry Christmas song🎄 and it was quartet, it has such a Groove to it and you guys will not say the name of the artist, what’s wrong with you,!! at least printed on your website so we can find it. PLEASE please. Love your show.😀

    • Greetings Micki. Glad you love the music on our station. Printing our songlist on the website is not an available option for us. You asked about a song, a quartet Christmas song that was played maybe about 10:30pm or thereabout on 12/25/2018. In order for me to assist you can you answer a few questions for me. Were you listening online or live radio? How long have you been a listener of this station?

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